Game Your Japanese


Score your hiragana, katakana and kanji skills by playing 90 second games. Work your way up a leaderboard and challenge your friends and classmates on Game Center. Game-based learning can increase your retention by 9%—so you can play more, study less, and keep improving your Japanese.


Hiragana for iMessages


Select from a set of easy Japanese phrases using colorful hiragana characters. No need to use a second keyboard, or even know any Japanese. You can place the characters anywhere in your iMessages. Layer phrases and characters over your photos or put together your own words in the vertical Japanese style.


Japanesey Style, Gaijin Attitude


Sometimes you just don’t feel like explaining yourself. Let your t-shirt do the talking. We design tees that have Japanesey illustrations or funny cultural references, or we like to bring out your gaijin side. Either way we let you be quiet without giving up your voice.