Project Planning Our First Release for Scrum

Now that Kickstarter is complete, the project planning is in full swing. The first thing to get organized is the design and development phase, planning out the version 1 release in earnest. There are many ways to get a virtual team organized to get things done as efficiently as possible—knowing that the team will need to adapt to unforeseen events along the way. Planning things out ahead of time a great opportunity to try out some modern project management techniques and tools. So we’re going to be tracking the Kanjilicious project using the agile project management methodology known as Scrum. Scrum is essentially breaking the project down into bite-sized pieces, and working from a framework that allows for things to change, and giving teams the ability to adapt to the flow of the team’s work. The HBO show Silicon Valley does a very good job of explaining how scrum works—while including it’s own unique Mike Judge POV on the overall process.

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