Managing the Project with Asana

August 5, 2014


asana, project



We’ve set up our virtual team to run the development of Kanjilicious’ first release under the agile project management methodology called Scrum. We’re going to be using a tool called Asana to assign and track each contributors’s to do list, and allow the central team to be able to both spread the work out evenly, and remain adaptable to the constant changes that happens on all projects. We’ve chosen Asana because it’s a beautifully designed, and intuitive web-based tool, but it’s also a company that drinks its own Kool-aid—running their internal teams on the tool they are producing. They also have a great deal of interesting and instructive videos online to help get everything set up. This is the specific video that showcases how to use Asana to structure your project under the agile scrum methodology:

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