Kanji of the Day: 草 (そう/くさ) sō/kusa (grass)

Have you heard the term 草食系男子 (Sōshoku-kei danshi) or herbivore men? This term was first invented invented by a Japanese editor a several years to describe men who are reluctant to get married or have girlfriend, and is usually applied to younger generation particularly age between 18 to 30. Unlike the “肉食系男子 (Nikusyoku-kei danshi), or carnivore men, who enjoys chasing after girls, 草食系男子 enjoys spending their time and money on their hobbies  and work. So naturally they tend to be introverted, shy, and also very risk adverse, but gentle and calm.


It is believed today that more and more men are turning into 草食系男子 these days because:

  • women are gaining economical power and became more independent, hence don’t necessarily appreciate masculine men
  • there are plenty of adult content available on the internet
  • things are expensive and they simply cannot afford taking a girl on a date on regular bases

Either way it is truly an interesting social phenomenon considering the fact that Japan once was (and still is, especially in the business scene) a very male-dominant society. I feel like this phenomenon is happening in the U.S too, especially in the big city area like LA, SF, and NY, where there are so much to do other than dating… I have actually met a several non-Japanese guys, who live in these big cities and have no interest in dating girls. They all say that they are quite satisfied with what they have, and don’t really feel the need for chasing after a girl. The twisted part is that it’s not that they do not want a girl friend. They just don’t want to put an extra effort to get a girl, or are simply afraid of rejection.

Do you think you are a 草食系男子 or 肉食系男子, and why? Please let us know in the comment below!


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