Kanji of the Day: 大(おおきい/だい) ō-kii/dai (large)

If you appreciate art and design like me, you may be interested in the cultural styling called 大正ロマン (Taishō roman), which was originated during the 大正 (Taishō) era. 大正 era is a very interesting time. During 大正 era people became more comfortable with the Western ideas and items which were introduced during the previous 明治 (Meiji) era, and they started to integrate those new ideas and items into the existing Japanese culture to create a the bold, hip, yet sophisticated styles. So the art pieces from the 大正 era shows the distinct characteristics, and there are many 大正ロマン fans till today. Here are the few example.

This painting was done by one of the most significant 大正ロマン artists named 竹久夢二 (Takehisa Yumeji). Here you can see that the artist successfully blended the Art Nouveu like design, while capturing the beauty of the lady with the 浮世絵 (Ukiyoe) like touch. He is known for his series of paintings of women, and all of them has very similar characteristics.


It was also during this time when ladies started to accessorize kimono with Western fashion items such as feather, hat, ribbons, scarves and boots. Also kimonos with bold colors and patterns became very popular.




If you want to learn more about 大正ロマン, I recommend you to go check out Pinteret. They have some great images of 大正ロマン influenced art pieces 🙂


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