Kanji of the Day: 五 (ご) go (five)

If you are a someone like me, who feels slightly guilty eating white rice but hate the taste of brown rice (sorry brown rice lovers!), I recommend trying 五穀米 (gokoku mai), 5 grain rice. 五穀米 is a very popular ingredient among health conscious Japanese people, and it’s basically a mix of 5 different grains such as 黒米 (black rice), 赤米(red rice), 緑米(green rice), 押し麦( barley), and 粟(millet). You add about a couple table spoons of the mix into your regular white rice when you cook it, and voila, you get a nice, healthy five grain mixed rice!

It gives the plain white rice some fun, chewy texture and nutty flavor which I personally found very satisfying. Also 赤米(red rice) gives the pretty light pink color, kind of like the sakura (cherry blossom) flower.

There are many different brands of 五穀米, and I’ve seen quite a few varieties at local Japanese or other Asian markets here in So Cal . They are usually in the same corner as rice.

Let us know what you thought of it if you have ever tried 五穀米. If you are already a 五穀米 lover, what is your favorite brand??

Stay healthy!

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