The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Mia Nacamulli on changing your brain.

Mia Nacamulli explains the varying degrees of bilingualism and how knowing more than a single language can change the composition of the brain. Bilingualism might not make you smarter, but studies show that it does keep your brain healthier and more actively engaged—all of which is a very good thing.
As the New Year turns to 2017 we have launched a few new things to help you stay motivated to learn to read Japanese. First and foremost we have 9 new levels in Kanjilicious: Game Your Japanese. This brings the total to 20 levels and leaderboards, and you can review over 300 characters, score your [...]
In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist, extrapolated the hypothesis of the exponential nature of forgetting. The upshot of his work is that the brain will only retain a fraction of what it has learned over the long term without a series of reviews, spread over time, using an idea that over the years has [...]
At TEDTom Chatfield talks about one of the most compelling aspects of playing video games: its measurability. By setting up a reward system at carefully calibrated percentages, video games can collect large amounts of data about what players find rewarding, and precisely how hard we're willing to work for a win. They are amazing tools [...]
BJ Fogg is a Stanford professor who specializes in Behavior, particularly how digital devices and interfaces can help or hinder habits and experiences. This talk is about how little changes in your behavior can lead to big results down the road.
For a long time games were considered a time-waster or a distraction from more serious pursuits like school or study. But science is finding, in multiple fields, that games contribute far more positively to the development of modern day kids than we previously believed. Gabe Zichermann's TEDxKIDS talk illustrates the evolution in our thinking about [...]
Rogowski's work at Forrester Research is the basis for many of the design considerations built into Kanjilicious. He has a long history of writing on the subject of Experience Design, more recently focusing many of his papers on Context and Mobility. This is one of his longer talks available online. It's from the 2013 SDL [...]
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