Kanji of the Day: 一 (いち) ichi (one)

Our Kickstarter campaign ended successfully on July 20th. Beginning on the morning of July 21st we began the first phase of the process: defining the user experience of the app. Of course we had spent considerable time working through version of the UX during concepting, and we had plenty of ideas at the ready, but [...]
We've set up our virtual team to run the development of Kanjilicious' first release under the agile project management methodology called Scrum. We're going to be using a tool called Asana to assign and track each contributors's to do list, and allow the central team to be able to both spread the work out evenly, and [...]

Aug 05, 2014


asana, project



Now that Kickstarter is complete, the project planning is in full swing. The first thing to get organized is the design and development phase, planning out the version 1 release in earnest. There are many ways to get a virtual team organized to get things done as efficiently as possible—knowing that the team will need to adapt to [...]
Thank you for visiting the Kanjjilicious project. We are in the middle of a 30-day campaign to raise production funds to develop the first version of the Kanjilicious app. Our strategy is to reach out to as many interested parties as possible and invite them to join the word-of-mouth effort to promote the campaign. We [...]
The Kanjilicious idea is almost in the wild. I've submitted our Kickstarter page to the Kickstarter powers that be, and it's currently under review, awaiting approval for launch. I got the final version of the video from my videographer Andy Bang on Friday, and cleaned up the copy on the page while it uploaded. Around [...]
This is my favorite TED talk, and a huge inspiration for the Kanjilicious project. In this talk McGonigal connects research from Carnage Mellon that pegs the number of hours a youth will put into gaming by the age of 21 at 10,000 hours. It is also here that McGonigal recalls Malcolm Gladwell projection that true [...]
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