Kanji of the Day: 日(にち/じつ/か/ひ) nichi/jitsu/ka/hi (day; sun)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhE4Q1ZVzTU If you have already started learning the Japanese language, you probably have seen the word 日本 (Nihon or Nippon), which means Japan, at some point. Japanese people call themselves 日本人 (Nihonjin) and the language is called 日本語 (Nihongo). There are several assumptions regarding to the origin of the name 日本, but it is commonly [...]
If you appreciate art and design like me, you may be interested in the cultural styling called 大正ロマン (Taishō roman), which was originated during the 大正 (Taishō) era. 大正 era is a very interesting time. During 大正 era people became more comfortable with the Western ideas and items which were introduced during the previous 明治 [...]
Like everywhere else in the world, Chinese cuisine, or 中華料理 (chūka ryōri), is very popular in Japan: 中華 means Chinese and 料理 means cooking or cuisine. Among all the delicious 中華料理, the most popular item is propbably the 中華まんじゅう(chūka manjū), or simply 中華まん(chūka man), the Chinese stuffed buns. They are especially popular during fall and [...]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AQSyiAGogs Despite the fact that Kimono is still a significant part of today's Japanese culture, I feel like not very many people, including myself, know how to properly wear them. I especially get confused when wrapping the kimono (the robe) around the body: was the left side supposed to be on top of the right [...]
I'm sure most of you have seen the 招き猫 (manekineko), known as the "lucky cat" or "welcoming cat", at some point in your life: their adorable gesture and look have attracted many fans all over the world, and now you can spot them not only at Japanese restaurants but Chinese, Taiwanese, and various other Asian restaurants [...]
When people ask me where they should visit during their stay in Japan, I ALWAYS recommend them to go to デパ地下 (depachika). デパ地下 consists of two words デパートメントストア (depa-tomento sutoa - department store) and 地下 (chika - underground/basement), and the word literally means "department store basement". I know many of you will find it strange [...]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu1Fkrl1AeA   Japan is probably the only place in the entire world where they sell a melon for over $100. Here is the evidence: 千疋屋メロン The one on the right is 15,750 yen, which is about 150 US dollars, and the other one is 26,250 yen which is about $250. Whaaaat?!?! I know. These super [...]
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