Refining the Gameplay for Alpha II

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Kanjilicious home office Summer Updates. Kari and the Super Toy Box crew are deep into illustration mode on the Kanjilicious storyline, and two weeks ago we gave you a little preview of some of the characters and backgrounds you’ll see in the final app. As those illustrations are being [...]

Jul 18, 2015


alpha, update



We've been playing with an alpha build of Kanjilicious from our development partners at Super Toy Box and thinking a great deal about what makes an app compelling—and a game fun to play everyday. Imagining how a game will play from a 2D wireframe is not easy. That's why prototypes are such powerful tools, and [...]
人形焼 (ningyōyaki), which translates to "Fried Dolls", is one of the most popular souvenir items from Tokyo. These cute little cakes are made by pouring batter into intricate molds, whose design varies from the traditional 七福神 to your favorite cat, Hallo Kitty. The simple yet tasteful sponge cake really complements the anko (sweet red bean [...]
Since the Doge meme took over the internet, I feel like 柴犬 (shiba inu) have gained a tremendous popularity in the US. I just saw a super adorable 柴犬 couple walking down the street when I was having brunch with friends at a local cafe today! I just can't get enough of their little fox/coyote [...]
Have you heard the term 草食系男子 (Sōshoku-kei danshi) or herbivore men? This term was first invented invented by a Japanese editor a several years to describe men who are reluctant to get married or have girlfriend, and is usually applied to younger generation particularly age between 18 to 30. Unlike the "肉食系男子 (Nikusyoku-kei danshi), or [...]
Aside from "life", 生 can also be used to describe things that are "raw", "fresh", or "draft". For instance, 生キャラメル (nama kyarameru), or fresh caramel, which contains more fresh cream than regular caramel (kyarameru) made a huge presence in the dessert industry in Japan a few years ago. Similarly, truffles are called 生チョコレート(nama chocore-to) since [...]
Whenever I hear or see the word 花, I always think of my favorite childhood folklore called 花咲じいさん (Hanasaka jiisan). The story goes something like this: Long long ago, there was an old couple who loved their cute little white dog very much. One day, when the old man was working in the fields, the [...]
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