How Can I Help?

Thank you for visiting the Kanjjilicious project. We are in the middle of a 30-day campaign to raise production funds to develop the first version of the Kanjilicious app. Our strategy is to reach out to as many interested parties as possible and invite them to join the word-of-mouth effort to promote the campaign. We would really appreciate your help.

Here are a few quick but crucial things you can do right away to help:

1. Donate. Obviously we are encouraging donations first and foremost. The short link to our Kickstarter page is: (Coming Shortly)

2. Spread the word: Please copy and paste any of our links and send it to anyone you think would really appreciate this app or the essence of the project.

If you would, please include a short, personal endorsement.

3. Help spread the word via your social networks:

We really appreciate any effort you make on behalf of this project. Thank you!


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