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Kanjilicious is a beautiful and innovative mobile app that games your Japanese by optimizing your memorization of Japanese characters—hiragana, katakana and kanji. The game itself tracks your language progress through Kindergarten, first and second grade characters—with more grades coming each quarter. Practice your readings of hiragana, katakana and kanji quickly and efficiently with straight-forward 20 character levels, leveraging gamification strategies to collect points and rank on leaderboards, and challenge your friends and classmates for high scores. This app is suitable for kids as young as kindergarten, but challenging enough to sustain usage through high school, college and beyond.

We are also spreading out into some smaller projects that support beginners in using hiragana and katakana in the real world. Our new Hiragana Sticker Pack for iMessage is a very simple way to begin to practice vocabulary, and your first new characters, in iMessage on your iPhone. You can download both the Kanjilicious app and the Hiragana Sticker Pack from the buttons below.

Kanjilicious App

Kanjilicious Game Your Japanese on iOS
Kanjilicious is an app for testing your knowledge of Japanese kanji by prompting you to recall readings of Japanese characters. We augment that with gamification and leaderboards to quantify and track your progress through grade levels.

Download from the App Store

Hiragana Sticker Pack

Kanjilicious presents a Hiragana Sticker Pack for iMessage
Hiragana Stickers are a simple way to practice using your basic vocabulary by using images while texting in iMessage. Hiragana Stickers also includes the entire syllabary, so you can spell out new works with friends and classmates.

Download from the iMessage Store